Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I was the guest on this week's episode of The Charlotte Podcast with hosts John and Miller. The guys had me on to talk about Charlotte nightlife. And because I have a tendency to give backstories, a lot of our discussion focused on how far the city's nightlife scene has come during the decade I've lived here; plus, where I feel it's headed and what we need more of. They also had me recommend a bachelor party night out in Charlotte, which was a fun, on-the-spot question.

During our conversation, I pretty much gave a walk down memory lane on "nightlife" in Charlotte, to the lonely days before there was an EpiCentre or Music Factory in Uptown, or bars and breweries all over NoDa, South End, and Plaza Midwood. Back when the most there was to look forward to in the nightlife and social scene was Alive After Five. (Not knocking AA5, though, which returned for the season last week, and runs each Thursday through August; it's a rite of passage for newcomers, and is still a great social event to meet people.)

If you haven't lived in Charlotte very long and/or you feel the current nightlife scene leaves a lot to be desired, you should listen to this podcast discussion because it will: 1) Cause you to realize how good you have it here now compared to before; 2) Help you understand the positive momentum and growth the scene is continuing to experience, which bodes well for the future. And, it's just fun to talk about "going out" even if you don't do so often, but we all have FOMO from time to time.

I've gone to Red Clay Ciderworks a couple of times, which is an extension of Charlotte's craft brewery scene
I enjoyed talking to Miller and John, and I appreciate them for having me on. I first "met" Miller through Twitter (@MillerYoho), maybe a couple of years ago, and we've since gotten to know each other through our day jobs. And this was my first time meeting John in person, since I'd only previously known him through his Twitter alias (@TheTrolleyWalk).

Listen to the episode in the embed below or directly on Soundcloud or iTunes (episode 015).

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