Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hopefully Just a Rookie Mistake

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Carolina Panthers wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett reportedly pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of driving while impaired from an arrest last month, according to an article by The Charlotte Observer.

Jarrett is twenty-one years old, so he's only been of legal drinking age for a short time. He is reported to have had a blood alcohol level of .12 (the North Carolina limit is .08) at the time of his arrest. Let's hope that the young man with so much potential is able to learn from this mistake and put this behind him so he can focus on the upcoming football season. He's going to need it.

Jarrett struggled greatly last season, his rookie year. As the Panthers' second round draft pick out of Southern California, he was expected to fill the much-needed number two receiver spot opposite of star Steve Smith. But Jarrett struggled in practice and appeared in fewer than half of the Panthers' games.

I met Jarrett last summer as I was helping arrange a photo shoot with him for Charlotte magazine. We photographed him at Bank of America Stadium and, coincidentally, it was the day after he had just been in a car accident, in which his BMW was totaled. And even more bizarre, looking back now ten months later, is that his accident was caused by a drunk driver.


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