Friday, May 23, 2008

Uptown Has a HOM and Now a Suite

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HOM (pronounced Home) has been open for several months now and for months I've been saying it's the nicest, trendiest nightclub in uptown. I'm sure most would agree. It took the crown from Forum. But now there's a new club that's gunning for the top spot. Suite has its grand opening tonight.

Suite is the latest venue to open inside the Epicentre (Whiskey River, Dale Jr.'s bar, opened last month) and the plush nightclub and lounge is holding a two-part grand opening tonight and tomorrow night. I think Charlotte will be impressed. Get a feel for Suite by visiting its website.

Get ready to dance, ladies.

Many critics doubted whether the Epicentre would live up to its promise. Some said the developers were trying to do the impossible inside a single entertainment complex. The downside I see is that each venue is opening separately as it is completed so that's preventing the complex from making one big bang (several parts of the Epicentre are still under construction). But by the end of the year, the Epicentre just might be the go-to place in uptown. Two of the venues to come that I'm looking forward to are the movie theater and bowling alley, both of which are said to be upscale and both of which are what uptown is currently lacking.


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