Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mallard Creek High School quarterback Marquise Williams is putting up the kind of numbers this season that makes you wish there was a fantasy football league for Charlotte high schools. Last night, he led his team to a 76-30 victory over West Charlotte, while completing 11 of 15 passes for 326 yards and six touchdowns and rushing 12 times for 129 yards and one touchdown.

Marquise is certainly an exciting player to watch and read about, and you can do the latter in the November issue of Charlotte magazine, on newsstands now. I interviewed Marquise as part of the magazine's cover story, "Friday Night Lights". It's a feature package comprised of several stories that illustrate the culture of the city's most popular sport, depicting a high school football program (South Point High), a coach (from Charlotte Catholic), a cheerleader (from Charlotte Christian), a player (Marquise, from Mallard Creek), a marching band (Harding University High), and a rivalry (Independence vs. Butler).

In the web version of my story on Marquise, you get to read a Q&A that's not in the printed version of the magazine. And while this might be the first time he's appeared on a magazine cover, I doubt it will be his last.


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