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Comedy Zone to Open at NC Music Factory

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I just checked my email a few minutes ago and saw that I'd received a press release from Charlotte Center City Partners tonight. They often forward releases from companies who make announcements concerning openings in center city. In this one, The Comedy Zone will be returning to Uptown Charlotte with a new location at NC Music Factory.

This is big news for fans of comedy. Heffron Talent, the company that owns The Comedy Zone, which has dozens of locations around the country, is headquartered in Charlotte. There used to be an Uptown location on College Street, but that closed at the end of 2007. The other area locations are in Lake Norman and Fort Mill, but having it return to the heart of the Queen City has been something people have been wanting for a while.

This could also prove to be a great fit for NC Music Factory, which is keeping its momentum going with the opening of another venue (there's a huge vacant space on the backside of Wet Willie's; I wonder if it's going there). Being able to boast a comedy house gives it one more bullet in the chamber for its shootout with big gun the EpiCentre. Rumor has it, Crobar, the internationally renown nightclub that had supposedly been "coming soon" to NC Music Factory for the past couple of years, has changed course. Crobar is no longer listed on the Music Factory's website, and whisperers are saying that it could instead open at the EpiCentre (Crobar still lists Charlotte on its website but no further details).

But the success of this new Comedy Zone isn't guaranteed. People are cutting back buying tickets to shows--this past summer's music concert season took a beating. Though laughter is often what people are looking for during tough times.

Below is the press release.

The Comedy Zone to build top club in the country at The NC Music Factory

CHARLOTTE, N.C., November 9, 2010 -- The city of Charlotte needs some good business news and nothing is more exciting than the much anticipated return of The Comedy Zone. The nation’s largest comedy club network (based right here in Charlotte) is building a unique, state of the art facility that will forever change your view on comedy clubs. This 400-seat venue will feature stadium seating, several VIP options and a menu that will put dinner and a show back on everyone’s list of entertainment options. The Comedy Zone has set out to redefine the comedy club experience and this project will not only do that but it will be a model for the entire country attracting every A list star in the business.

To take on a project this ambitious The Comedy Zone team knew they needed to locate in place that sees the future and is redefining the region’s entertainment landscape. Enter The NC Music Factory. The most progressive and exciting project in the southeast if not the country for live entertainment, bars, restaurants and specialty experiences. The Comedy Zone is the perfect fit to compliment the NC Music Factory’s vision of creativity, customer service, and diversity.

So what will you experience at The Comedy Zone? The best comedians in the world straight from TV and the movies, variety acts like Steve O’s insane comedy tour. Specialty shows featuring improv and sketch artists, ethnic shows, gay shows, conservative shows, liberal shows, edgy shows, clean shows, church shows, do you get the picture yet?

The Comedy Zone and The NC Music factory are about to wake up the national comedy scene and transform Charlotte into the leading destination for stand-up comedy in the nation.

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  1. Awesome news!!!!!!

    We miss the comedy zone. So glad it's coming back.


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