Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seventeen-year-old Phylicia Barnes, an honor student from Monroe, has been missing since December 28. She was spending the holidays with her sister in Baltimore, but there's been no trace of her since she went out shopping one afternoon--no activity on her cell phone or bank card.

There's been debate and criticism over the amount of--or lack thereof--attention Phylicia's case received during the early days and now weeks of her disappearance. The one positive about the scrutiny of media and the often-played race card, whether valid in this situation or not, is that this missing young lady is now getting the attention she deserves. An official with the Baltimore Police Department, who questioned the level of media coverage, referred to this as "Baltimore's Natalee Holloway case."

See video below from the NBC Nightly News segment that aired this evening about Phylicia.

While I hope this case turns out better than another missing woman case we had a few months ago, I'm reminded of a point I made then about the importance of media attention: "Valerie Hamilton's Case on 'Good Morning America'."


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