Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twin brothers Damian and Jermaine Johnson continue to expand their No Grease, Inc. franchise. They're now running their fourth No Grease! Barbershop with a new location they opened at Concord Mills last week. The barbershop is located in Neighborhood 5 of the massive outlet mall that's home to more than 200 stores and is North Carolina's most visited tourist attraction with an estimated 17 million visitors a year.

No Grease! recently opened at Concord Mills.

This new location is another milestone for the Johnson brothers, who raised the bar when they opened the No Grease! Exclusive Barbershop at Time Warner Cable Arena in Uptown two years ago. It's become the barbershop of choice for several high-profile clients such as business executives and professional athletes. They've also operated the No Grease! School of Tonsorial Arts, a barber school in east Charlotte, for the last eight years.

I don't know of many other locally owned barbershop franchises in Charlotte so what these guys are doing is sort of uncharted territory, a mission they began when they opened their first shop in 1997 while in their early 20s. I've gotten to know them over the last three or four years and admire not only their business acumen--they head the Urban Business Network (urbanpreneurship.org)--but also how they give back to the community such as the Cuttin' Class Community Hair Cutting Day they hold a couple of times a year in which they give free hair cuts to school children.

Jermaine and Damian Johnson at one of their free community hair cutting days last year (and me in the mirror).

For more on the No Grease! Concord Mills barbershop visit www.nogrease.com or www.concordmills.com.


  1. Why don't I see their racist Little Black Sambo logo?

  2. Who knows how much they charge to get a hair cut?


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