Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Growing Popularity of Yelp Charlotte

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Chances are, if you do a Google search for a business in Charlotte, one of the top results will be a Yelp review. Yelp Charlotte has grown tremendously over the last few years, thanks largely to the growing number of members who join the free site, with many of them writing reviews on businesses they've patronized. Restaurants, bars, salons, clothing stores, auto repair shops, real estate firms, churches, and just about any business or service with an address is reviewed. Yelp Charlotte is a part of the network that was founded in San Francisco in 2004. It's since spread to more than 150 cities across the U.S. (about half of those are in California). The Carolinas cities with Yelp are Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh, and Charleston.

Yelp Charlotte seeks to create a real community, so about once a month it throws a party for its Elite members (the most active reviewers). This Friday, May 6, at The Terrace at South Tryon Square, will be Yelp Charlotte's largest party to date, appropriately titled Yelpo de Mayo. It's free and open to all Yelp members, and there will be plenty of free food and drinks, entertainment, games, a DJ, and even a Shutterbooth. You can RSVP here, and if you're not yet a Yelp member it only takes a minute to create a profile. You must RSVP to attend the party.


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