Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer of the Snapbacks

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If I know anything about fashion, it's that what was once in style will go out of style, only to become a fashionable trend again years later. There's one particular item you've likely seen a lot of during the last few months that is only going to become more prevalent now that summer is upon us: the snapback hat.

I remember when snapback hats--given that name because they literally snap in the back to fit--were just normal hats and baseball caps when I was a kid during the 1980s and 90s. It's funny because I remember two snapbacks I had in particular. One was my Boy Scout hat (shout out to Troop 230); and the other was a Carolina Panthers cap my mom bought me when the team was first announced. But then came the mid-90s and the fitted hat began to take over. Not only did you have to buy that at a specific size to fit your head, but people liked the style of fit better than the square, wide-brim snapback. The fitted hat began the trend of bending your brim.

Well, now the snapbacks are, well, back. And people are once again flocking to buy them of their favorite sports teams. Do a Google search for snapback hat and you'll see the many options out there.

In hip-hop culture, all it takes is for a few popular artists to start wearing something or, equally important, rap about it and you're going to wish you owned stock in certain brands because that style is going to take off. Artists like Chris Brown and Big Sean are some of the most prominent snapback wearers. And artist/producer Swizz Beatz is even endorsing a line of them through Reebok. Some of the other popular makers of the snapback are New Era and Mitchell & Ness, while the Adidas brand is being sold in the NBA's official online store.

And there's one more thing that's interesting about the snapback phenomenon: the popularity of the Charlotte Hornets hat. While many of the styles of snapbacks pay tribute to vintage team logos, colors, and lettering, it's even more nostalgic since the Charlotte Hornets no longer exist. (I'm not trying to get any of the natives riled up.) I'm frequently seeing the legendary teal and purple hat popping up in photos, at events in places far beyond Charlotte, as if it was 1994 all over again (shout out to Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning).

This Charlotte Hornets snapback hat is currently a top-seller.


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