Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I wanted to share this really quickly after seeing it pointed out on Twitter by my friend Larken Egleston (@Larken). Apparently, in today's edition of The Charlotte Observer, there's a painfully hilarious typo in the sports section. In the "Bobcats Gameday" brief about the Charlotte Bobcats vs. New York Knicks matchup tonight, there's a short paragraph that reads as follows:
Ex-Charlotte Hornet Baron Davis signed with the Knicks after being cut by Cleveland under the amnesty clause. Davis is recovering from a herniated dick.
In the print newspaper that was distributed today via tens of thousands of copies throughout the Charlotte area, there's a typo that refers to Baron's, err, man part instead of the disk in his back.

If Baron actually had a hernia in his penis, I'm sure getting back to playing basketball would be the last thing on his mind. The oucho typo has been corrected in the online version of the article, but not before someone pointed out the mistake in the comments section.

This photo, which is currently Baron's Twitter avatar, lends itself to a facetious caption in light of the aforementioned news clip.


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