Thursday, April 18, 2013

Speculation has been running rampant over the past week about an anticipated announcement that ESPN and the Southeastern Conference would be launching an SEC network/channel, similar to, but better than, the Big Ten Network that's jointly operated by the Big Ten and FOX Sports. A press conference by ESPN and the SEC had been scheduled to take place Tuesday in Atlanta, but officials decided to postpone it Monday night after the bombings earlier that day at the Boston Marathon.

No rescheduled date has been given yet for the press conference, nor has ESPN/SEC released any details on what they would be announcing, but media outlets across the country are reporting that it's about the creation of the new network. I'm a proud South Carolina Gamecocks alum and fan, so I'll be excited to see an all-SEC channel, putting even more spotlight on the most dominant football conference in college sports (great baseball teams and solid basketball too). And I'm also happy with, assuming it's true, the speculation that the new network will be headquartered in Charlotte at the ESPN Regional Television offices in Ballantyne (also home to ESPNU).

Below are links to several news stories about the anticipated ESPN-SEC television network deal and what it could mean to college sports, including some that reference the possible location in Charlotte:

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UPDATE 5/2/13: It's official. The SEC and ESPN have announced a 20-year agreement for their new joint, 24-hour television network, to be based in Charlotte.

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  1. I'm glad you mentioned this because I got an email about how much I watch the bobcats on television around those networks...the survey was too long so i wasn't gone finish it but...I guess I can take a second look


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