Saturday, August 10, 2013

As a perennial handyman (not really) and avid do-it-yourselfer (hardly), I made a quick visit to Lowe's earlier this week to pick up a few items. I went to the Lowe's on Iverson Way (off South Boulevard) and encountered a couple of things at the home improvement store that reminded me that we're living in a digital age.

First, as I walked in, to the left of the main aisle stood a Lowe's associate named Holly. She tried to convince me to by a jug of some kind of home insect control spray that was on sale. I didn't need any. Holly is a hologram, by the way. (A few people have posted videos of the hologram on YouTube.)

As I proceeded through the store, I figured I'd go ahead and take my house key over to the station where copies are made. This way, if it took more than a few minutes, I could pick up the other items I needed while the key was being duplicated. Except, as I was surprised to find, no longer is there a counter where a Lowe's employee duplicates keys. Now there's a self-service automated kiosk called MinuteKEY. You stick in your key, choose the style of key you want (you can get a simple brass or silver key or custom keys like one with the Carolina Panthers logo), use your credit/debit card to pay for the number of copies you want, and it duplicates the key (takes about a minute for each copy).

The robots are taking over, people...


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