Saturday, November 16, 2013

I've seen a beautiful photo of Charlotte's skyline making the rounds on Twitter recently. It's from a vantage point you don't often see depicted in skyline photos of the city--from Marshall Park. Taken at night, and as great as the photo is, it doesn't show what has long been Uptown Charlotte's crowning achievement, as far as skyscrapers go: the Bank of America Corporate Center. Instead, it's highlighted (literally) by what in recent years has become the darling of the cityscape: the Duke Energy Center.

As someone who creates original content and is a fan of great photography, it bothered me that whenever I saw this photo posted, there was never a mention of the photographer. Who shot this? I believe in giving people, especially creatives, the credit they deserve. Thanks to a Google Images search, in which you can drag a photo into the search box to find where it has appeared on the 'net (and I, like many of you, discovered was possible from watching the MTV show Catfish), I was able to track down where I believe the photo was originally posted.

The photo was posted in April on Flickr by a Brooklyn, New York photographer named Mauricio Fernandez. And what's interesting is that he describes himself as "a Passionate Amateur Photographer." His work, which includes several cityscapes from around the country, is impressive for an amateur.


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