Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last night, I saw Bojangles' "Tailgate Everything: Curfew" television commercial for the first time. I thought it was at-once funny, clever, a bit silly, but somehow seemingly realistic; and as a result: effective. In the 30-second spot, a teenage girl comes tiptoeing into her house after curfew, only to be startled by her parents who are waiting for her in the kitchen, flanked by Bojangles’ food and having a "little tailgate party."

Today, I visited the address that appears at the end of the commercial. I was curious to see what else was there (I also assumed that Charlotte-based advertising agency BooneOakley was behind this marketing campaign, and it is). The Tailgate Everything website features several folksy, witty, tongue-in-cheek ideas on how to incorporate tailgating into multiple aspects of your life, such as work, school, and even your romance. The latter offers such suggestions as how to include Bojangles' on your wedding registry and smell your sweetest with tea perfume.


Also, according to BooneOakley, the Tailgate Everything radio ads feature a character named Gail Tate (clever play on words), who "explains how to tailgate anything and everything with Bojangles' Big Bo Box."

You might want to poke around the Tailgate Everything website because you can enter to win tailgate prizes. You can also submit your own comical photos or videos for a chance to be crowned a Tailgate All Star. And there are other practical and useful things on the site such as (real) recipes for great tailgating meal items.


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