Monday, April 21, 2014

Heading into this NBA season, I assumed 2013-14 would be another subpar year for the Charlotte Bobcats, and one that would be even more marginalized because of the excitement around the team switching back to the Hornets name next season. So it's been a pleasant surprise to see the Bobcats cap off just their second winning (above .500) season in their 10-year franchise history, and make the playoffs for the second time (you need to show more enthusiasm).

While most of us Bobcats fans last week were keeping an eye on how the team would finish the regular season, which would determine how they were seeded in the playoffs and who they would play in the first round (they finished seventh in the Eastern Conference and are facing the second-seeded Miami Heat), another announcement was made: the HoneyBees will hold auditions beginning June 7 at Time Warner Cable Arena.

The Lady Cats. Credit: Sean Phaler/

The HoneyBees are what the Lady Cats--Charlotte's NBA dance team--will become when the Bobcats transition to the Hornets after this season ends. If you were a previous fan of the Charlotte Hornets (1988-2002), then you might recall that the HoneyBees were the original name for the Hornets' dance team. So this is another piece of purple-and-teal nostalgia that will return to the Queen City in modern form, beginning with the 2014-15 season.

The audition requirements to try out for the HoneyBees are rather simple, well, aside from you needing to be an incredible dancer in great physical shape:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age by June 7th, 2014 (must present valid ID)
  • Must have graduated from high school or received G.E.D.
  • Must have proper audition attire and footwear
  • You must be available every night during the week of boot camp (June 8th-June 15th)
Audition Day Tips
  • Come dressed in your Hornets-inspired dance gear. Show off your love for the Hornets in purple and teal! Must include a midriff top and shorts and non-marking shoes
  • Bring a warm-up suit or cover-up. Restrooms will be available but there will be no formal changing area
  • Concession stands will not be open; bring your own snacks and water

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  1. Hopefully they will pick women who can actually dance and have real talent as well as women who look better than what has been on the ladycats! Bring back the buzz of respectable women!

  2. when are the tryouts for this upcoming season 2015-2016? and here will they be held?


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