Sunday, July 6, 2008

Okay, this is already known by many Charlotteans, but it is a first for me. Plus, I try to blog about things that I hope will be helpful to Charlotte's many newcomers. Today I had brunch at Pewter Rose Bistro for the first time. I'd heard about how good it was, but I'd just never gotten around to going before now.

I attended a brunch for a media colleague who's leaving her producer position at WCNC to join the military (Good luck Alva!). I arrived at 11:30 this morning and the parking lot was packed, as was the restaurant and the patio. The service was pretty good considering the large crowd, and our party alone numbered close to 20. So if the service is good, the other very important element is the food, right?

I ordered pancakes, bacon, and grits. I also ordered a mimosa, which I had to wait a few minutes before I could place the order for since you can't buy alcohol in North Carolina until after 12 p.m. While we waited for our food, the server brought out complimentary scones. They're hard to describe—a type of sweet bread with apple in it I think—and they were really good.

The scone held me over until my food arrived. The grits were awesome. I only had to add a little salt, but other than that they were near perfect. The bacon was good, too—fried just right. But I was a little disappointed in the pancakes. There were three hefty ones, which was more than I could eat, but they lacked the flavor I've come to expect from great pancakes. Plus, I didn't like the syrup. Give me the thick stuff.

Bland pancakes aside, I highly recommend brunch at Pewter Rose. I would venture to guess that many people come here every Sunday, or at least once a month. It'll definitely be something I do more often on a late weekend morning/early afternoon after sleeping in.

Pewter Rose Bistro
Saturday and Sunday
10 a.m-2:30 p.m.
1820 South Blvd.


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