Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Notes From Fashion Mixer

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I attended the Pre-Charlotte NC Fashion Week Industry Night mixer at Rustic Martini last night. Here are some random things I observed.

  • I've never seen so many tall chicks in one place in my life. I'm 6'2 so most women aren't at eye level with me. But these models/aspiring models, with their 5'10-plus frames and three- to four-inch heels, were face to face with me. I wonder if the short guys in attendance felt awkward.
  • Everyone was very well dressed. I even threw on a fine pair of slacks. Though some people were dressed a little weird—I guess it was high fashion, maybe something from Europe.
  • There were several gay dudes there. I guess that's the norm for the fashion industry. If you've ever watched Kimora Lee Simmons' Life in the Fab Lane then you've noticed that almost all of the men who work for her are gay. I watch the show to see the models, by the way. Man Law.
  • A roomful of models/aspiring models and fashion designers has an air of arrogance.
  • I was really happy to see an event like this in Charlotte.
  • Rustic Martini (616. N. Tryon St.) is a great bar. I like the atmosphere. And I love the fact that it has its own parking lot, a rarity for uptown. Rustic Martini made Charlotte magazine's 2008 Best of the Best in Nightlife. (I worked on that feature.)
  • I'm starting to get more comfortable drinking martinis. I still have a problem with the glasses they're served in, though. Man Law.
  • Rustic Martini has a great martini list, which you would expect from a martini bar.
  • I only knew a few people there, but a lot of the other people knew each other. It's the building of that fashion scene I've talked about.
  • There was food there. Models do eat.
  • Martinis are expensive.

Learn more about Charlotte NC Fashion Week, scheduled for September 18-20, by clicking here.


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