Monday, September 29, 2008

Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia Collaborate

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Jennifer Hudson, a past American Idol finalist, and Fantasia, a past American Idol winner, have collaborated on a new song titled "I'm His Only Woman." If you'll recall, Jennifer lost to Fantasia, who has gone on to have multiplatinum success, in season three of the popular show, but Jennifer has seen her own star rise as an Academy Award-winning actress.

It has appeared, though, that turning her into an R&B star will be more of a challenge. But with the release of "Spotlight," the first single from her upcoming debut album, and now "I'm His Only Woman," Jennifer seems to have found her voice.

Their new song is like Shirley Brown's "Woman to Woman." But newer and more ghetto.

It makes perfect sense for these two to do a song together. Not because they both were discovered through a reality show competition, but because they both have very strong voices that don't fit the mold of today's typical light, airy pop sound. These ladies were born two generations too late, and they're reviving the great sound of the soulful music of the 1960s and '70s.

"I'm His Only Woman" is an ode to Shirley Brown's 1974 classic, "Woman to Woman." The song even has Fantasia and Jennifer having a phone conversation in the beginning, like Shirley has with a fictional Barbara. Jennifer brings the attitude and you know Fantasia, who lives in Charlotte, is as feisty as they come.


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