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Random Notes From Nelly's Myspace Concert

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Nelly was in Charlotte Thursday night performing live at the Neighborhood Theatre in a special Myspace concert. Fans lined up hours before the doors opened to get into the free show. Me, I watched it live online and actually enjoyed the experience. Great camera views made me feel as if I was there (while glancing periodically at my TV to watch my South Carolina Gamecocks play on ESPN).

The day of the show, Myspace's homepage was dedicated to Nelly's concert. Showing the rapper standing amidst our uptown skyline was a good look for the city.

Nelly took the stage about 9:40 p.m. Throughout the night, joined by his St. Lunatics, he performed about 25 songs, though in many cases just doing a verse or two. The main purpose of the event was to showcase his upcoming album, Brass Knuckles, which will be released September 16. And I can honestly say that after seeing him perform several of the songs from the new album, I plan to buy it.

With the promotion of this album, it seems that Nelly has been struggling to recapture the massive fan base and radio and video appeal he enjoyed for several years. He hasn't released a new album since 2004's double CD, Sweat/Suit. In hip-hop, most artists can't come back after a four-year absence. But the kid's still got it.

Okay, on to my notes.

  • Nelly's wearing a Respect My Vote tank top. It's funny how every four years celebrities become political activists.
  • All of the St. Lunatics are on stage with Nelly. Those guys have been just as absent from the music scene as their leader. But I guess when you take the music world by storm and make so much money over a five-year period you can afford to take some time off. Minus Nelly, who'll give any NFL player a run in the muscles department, it's obvious they're eating good.
  • The first song he performs is "Party People." That song, which features Fergie, didn't grow as big as I'm sure Nelly thought it would.
  • Second song he performs: "E.I." That came out on Nelly's first album and with it I became a fan. "E.I." takes me back to my college partying days.
  • Third song he performs: "Shake Ya Tailfeather." Nelly's always made party, feel-good hip-hop music. We need more of that.
  • After performing his verse from "Where the Party At," he gets into songs from Brass Knuckles while mixing in his past hits.
  • Avery Storm comes out to sing the hook on one of the new songs. And they also perform "Here I Am," which they collaborated with Rick Ross on for Ross' album. I love that song.
  • I'm waiting for Nelly to say stuff about Charlotte, but he mostly shouts us out as North Carolina or Cackalack. What, no love for the Bobcats? I know they're not very good, but you own a stake in the team.
  • Nelly performs "One and Only" from BK. The dude is practically singing.
  • Nelly and the St. Lunatics perform "Air Force Ones," then he does "Stepped on My J'z." Yeah, they love kicks.
  • Next, they each do freestyles. The St. Lunatics are one of the few crews in which a rapper blows up and puts his friends on and each of the other guys are actually pretty good. I always felt that Murphy Lee could be a bigger star. His freestyle is only topped by Nelly's. I know Nelly's mostly known for his party songs, but the guy is a true lyricist.
  • Paul Wall comes out for "Grillz." He's the only surprise guest artist of the night. He then performs "Sideways." He should've chosen something better.
  • Nelly performs two more songs from BK: "LA" and "Lie." Both are very creative. "Lie" is about lying to a girl even after she's caught you. It's actually pretty funny.
  • After performing "Problems" from BK, Nelly asks the crowd who's registered to vote. Then he says: "In 2008, if you're 18 and older and not registered to vote then you're a f-ing idiot!"
  • Next, he performs three more songs from BK , including "Body On Me." What, no Ashanti? Then he does "Flap Your Wings" (drop down and get your eagle on girl) and then sort of closes the show with "Hot In Herre." The crowd goes crazy, as you would expect.
  • But before ending the show, Nelly says, "I need a Nelly fan who knows all the songs." So they proceed to search the audience for someone who claims to know all of Nelly's songs. Of course nearly every girl in the audience raises her hand. They eventually pull three girls on one by one and give each of them a difficult song to know the words to ("Country Grammar," "Ride Wit Me," and "Batter Up"). They all mess up. A fourth girl rushes the stage. Nelly then gives them one more chance by letting them perform an easy one together, "Dilemma." Midway through the song, the girls are escorted offstage and Nelly finishes it up. 11:25 p.m.
It was a good show. But my Gamecocks lost.


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