Monday, July 13, 2009

The pimped-out, souped-up 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic owned by Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis was stolen over the weekend from in front of his southeast Charlotte home. With the many customizations Davis had done to the car, the two-door convertible is valued at more than $135,000.

Owning expensive cars is something of a requirement for professional athletes. But I must also note that Davis isn't your typical, frivolous big baller. He also runs a great charity, of which I blogged about a couple of months ago ("Carolina Panther Hosting Events for Charity").

Also noteworthy is what I think has now become an unfortunate pattern for Carolina Panthers players. This is the third summer in a row in which something bad has happened to a Panther player's car (I previously blogged about the first two last year: "Panthers Rookies' Bad Luck With Cars"). In summer 2007, then-rookie Dwayne Jarrett had his BMW 645 coupe totaled when he was hit by a reckless driver on I-77. In summer 2008, then-rookie Jeff Otah's Cadillac Escalade was carjacked while his brother was driving it in Uptown. And this summer this has happened to Davis.

Here are photos of Davis's car that was stolen (photos courtesy of Fourtitude Forums). The thieves better keep it out of sight because it certainly wouldn't be hard to spot, particularly because of the large mural of Davis and a Panther that's painted on the trunk.

Click on photos for larger view.


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