Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Berens's the 'Butt' of Jokes and News

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 7/29/2009 1 comment
CNN reporter Jeanne Moos is known for her humorous takes on news stories. And Charlotte swimmer Ricky Berens is the subject of her latest report, which I saw on air this morning.

Berens is one of three Charlotte swimmmers currently competing in the FINA World Championships in Rome. I blogged about their qualifying a couple of weeks ago ("3 Charlotte Swimmers to Compete In Rome"). On Sunday while preparing to swim in a qualifying heat of the 4x100-meter relay freestyle, Berens bent over and the back of his swimsuit tore. At the moment, he has the most famous butt in men's sports as news outlets and blogs have been running with the story--and running pics--of the incident.

Below is Moos's CNN recap of the event. Also, it should be noted that Berens's relay team qualified for the finals and won.

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