Saturday, August 1, 2009

Charlotte One of the 'Healthiest'

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Charlotte frequently makes "Best..." or "Most..." cities' list, usually ranking high in favorable categories. It can be attributed to the great quality of life here. The latest list finds Charlotte placing tenth in a ranking of "America's Best Cities" by Outside Magazine.

You're probably like "What's Outside Magazine?" but it's an established publication that focuses on the outdoors with topics ranging from travel to fitness. This "best" list ranks cities based on which are considered the healthiest—physically, mentally, and economically.

The magazine says it determined its list by starting with the 100 most populated cities in America, using public data to rank them on factors like cost of living, unemployment, nightlife, commute time, and access to green spaces. Then it took the 28 cities with the highest overall averages and compared things like the percentage of the population with college degrees, income level in relation to home prices, and weather. And lastly, it rated each of the finalists on a scale of 1 to 5 for quality and proximity to biking, running, paddling, hiking, and skiing. After adding it all up, it had its top ten.

Click here to read its description of Charlotte.


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