Friday, August 28, 2009

New Website Informs Charlotte Voters

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This is one of those election years in which not enough people get involved and even fewer get informed. By now, you're either still in love with Obama or you're carrying guns to rallies for health care reform. But this November's election is just as important as any issues you see round the clock on cable news. This November is the election for the people who make the decisions that affect your neighborhoods, schools, roads, and even jobs (or lack thereof). Now there's a new website that helps you get inform about the men and women who are seeking office for mayor, city council, county commission, school board, and more in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

As a joint project between The League of Women Voters, GenerationEngage, and Kids Voting Mecklenburg, is a comprehensive online voter guide. The site includes profiles submitted by local candidates, where you can learn why each believes he or she is best for the job, what role they might play in improving the quality of life for Charlotte, and how they believe everyday citizens can get involved. It currently includes information about the Charlotte primary, and will soon have details about general elections. will be updated throughout the year and will include additional races in 2010 and beyond.

Also, early voting is now underway through September 12. You can find info about that on the website as well.


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