Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jocelyn Ellis Is Becoming a Star

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 8/16/2009 1 comment
There's a talented singer/songwriter in Charlotte named Jocelyn Ellis. If you haven't heard of her, you likely will soon.

Ellis has been getting plenty of media coverage as of late (I wrote an article about her, "Making It," that's in the August issue of Charlotte magazine), and The Charlotte Observer is giving her plenty of shine. There's an in-depth article about her and her band, The Alpha Theory, titled "No borders, no boundaries" (it's in one of this weekend's papers, but I'm not sure what day; I read it online). Plus, the Observer is featuring a photo gallery online with nearly a dozen great pics of Ellis and the band (click here).

Photo of Jocelyn Ellis from gallery on, taken by David T. Foster III.

I saw Jocelyn Ellis and The Alpha Theory perform a 40-minute set during a show at The Evening Muse in May. I was impressed by her stage presence, vocal range, and the crowd she drew, plus the band is one of the best I've seen play live. After the show, her manager gave me a copy of their EP, In the Beginning. Since I was going to be doing a sit-down interview with her in a couple of weeks, I popped the CD into the disc changer in my car. I liked it immediately, and it stayed in rotation in my car for weeks. I often play songs from it for friends. She describes her sound as urban folk, and it sounds as unique as the label she's given it.

Ellis, a Durham native and senior at UNC Charlotte, has been performing at numerous music festivals and concerts in the area, as well as other parts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. You can see her perform at Groove.Rock.Dance on September 5 at Club Alive. Keep up with her music and upcoming gigs at

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  1. Great commentary! I am a Jocelyn Ellis fan - SciFi Sistah


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