Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cason the Joint on 'Holidate'

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 8/25/2009 6 comments
Charlotte media darling Brittney Cason will appear on the SOAPnet series Holidate, which is a TV show that sends women to another city in search of romance. Cason is a columnist for Creative Loafing and co-hosts the racing show Three Wide Life, in addition to hosting events around the city (she's also a former Carolina Panthers cheerleader). She was sent to Chicago to go on dates, while a Chicago woman named Patrycja (interesting spelling, I know) was sent here.

The one-hour episode of Holidate, aptly titled "Chicago & Charlotte," airs tomorrow night (August 26) on SOAPnet, which is Time Warner Cable Charlotte channel 189 and DirecTV channel 262. Below is a video tease of the episode.


  1. That ho kept bagging on Charlotte men.

  2. I don't think negros really have a right to mock the spelling of anyone's name.

  3. I don't think negros really have a right to mock the spelling of anyone's name

    LOL!!!! So true Hyme!

  4. Hyme and Scrappy are just another example of ignorant people who make some pretty bold comments they otherwise wouldn't without an anonymous username to hide behind. Didn't anyone ever teach you, as the saying goes, "don't let your mouth write a check your a** can't cash?!" Or i guess in this case, your keyboard...

  5. Hyme and Scrappy are poopy pants and doo doo heads.

  6. Andrea and Anonymous,

    I'm sorry if you took it the wrong way. Let me clarify. Shut up you uppity negros. Obama is fail. Go, go Palin power. Republican activate! Form of : UPPITY NEGRO PWNER!

    Go back to your liberal marxist hole in the wall.


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