Monday, March 1, 2010

A couple of friends and I were taking in the Saturday festivities that were going on in Charlotte surrounding the CIAA Basketball Tournament. The crowds on the light rail (which we rode from South End) and throughout the streets of Uptown were huge as were expected. After hitting up a day party, I headed to the arena while my friends went to the EpiCentre. When I went to later meet them at the EpiCentre around 6 p.m., I captured this video of the crowd from my vantage point on the walkway over Trade Street. The crowd on the College Street side was even bigger.

The EpiCentre--which is an entertainment complex that has more than 20 restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, plus a bowling alley, movie theater, and hotel--was so packed that security would no longer let people enter the complex. Many of the venues inside--Mez, Suite, Whisky River, Enso, and others--were being rented out by promoters to host CIAA-inspired day parties.


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