Monday, March 15, 2010

Rielle Hunter Wants This Attention

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The 24-hour cable news shows reported on the hour every hour today on the new GQ magazine interview and pictorial featuring Rielle Hunter. The story, "Hello, America, My Name Is Rielle Hunter," appears in GQ's April issue and it was posted online today. Since this was Hunter's first time speaking publicly about John Edwards since he claimed paternity for their daughter, it quickly became a hot topic. And that's exactly what Hunter wanted.

Since Edwards has admitted he's the father--and because he's no longer a political figure--the interest in the scandal would've begun to wane. The paparazzi and the tabloids would have begun to go away. But that's not what Hunter wants. Why else would she do an interview with one of the largest magazines in the world and allow them to photograph her scantily clad in her Charlotte home?

She claims--as all people in these situations do--that she granted the interview so she can set the record straight on all of the things that have been falsely reported about her. I believe there have been some false things said about her throughout the two years the scandal has been being unearthed, but what she doesn't understand is that she can never set the record straight. You had an affair with a married man who was running for president of the United States and you had his child! Edwards is just as guilty in all of this, if not more so, but nobody really wants to hear what either of them want to clarify. They're only willing to listen in hopes of hearing more juicy details, like the fact that Hunter and Edwards had sex the same day they met.

The one thing I'll give Hunter credit for is that she could've--as the interview points out--sold her story to a tabloid for a lot of money, but she chose to go on the record with GQ without getting a cent. But she doesn't have to get paid for this--she's bought herself more time in the spotlight and that's more valuable. And you can bet that the few paparazzi that she claims annoy her by loitering outside of her Charlotte home will increase tenfold.

Below is a video GQ has released of the photo shoot.


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