Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Beautiful People Event' Was a Good Look

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 8/17/2010 2 comments
I get invited to events often, many times because I'm a journalist, but also frequently through Facebook, which has become the go-to method for promoters. I usually decide whether I'm going to attend an event based on who's having it and where it's being held. I do a pretty good job of picking them, rarely do I regret having gone. But also, because of the plethora of events taking place these days, rarely am I actually impressed. On Thursday I was.

When my girlfriend and I arrived to Chima Brazilian Steakhouse for "The Beautiful People Event," I had no idea that such an auspicious occasion awaited us. Certainly, I knew that Chima was a great venue choice--its upstairs lounge is one of my favorite in town--but I didn't know that it would be transformed into a fashion and style oasis.

On one side of the room was a Glam Bar where complimentary makeup was being done by Flawless Makeup Art. On another side, custom jewelry was being sold. In a far corner complimentary hand, foot, and back massages were being offered. In the center of the room was a shoe buffet, a clever way to present ladies shoes. And in the back of the room was the runway. I've attended several fashion events, but I was surprised to see that the organizers of this event had actually built a runway for the fashion show.

I was thoroughly impressed by this event, put on by the "Fab Four" team of T. Strong aka StyleMayvin, Joy Randall of Flawless Makeup Art, Ezekiel Cheney of Zeek&Co., and Johnatha Camp.

Below are a few photos from the event by photographer Kevin Douglas.

The Flawless Makeup Art team.

Portia Kee, left, and T. Strong.

Ezekiel Cheney.

And in related fashion news, you can check out T. Strong's new web series, Speaking Fashionese, which debuted today on Creative Loafing's web channel, CL-TV. See the first episode below.


  1. I was so pleased with the work the event organizers did for this event...I may be a bit biased though considering all four inviduals are some of the most talented folks I know in the industry (and some of my fav folks); they continually do whatever they can to elevate the level of fashion, style and elegance in this city. Good job to all involved:-).

  2. I really hate that I missed this event. Next time, I will attend.


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