Tuesday, August 31, 2010

N.C. Road Sign Crews Can't Spell

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 8/31/2010 No comments
We all make mistakes, especially when it comes to spelling and grammar. But if it's something important that's being printed or published, you should have it spellchecked, proofread, copyedited, etc. Especially if it's a road sign, where two mistakes this month have embarrassed North Carolina's transportation departments.

There's currently a misspelled "Independence Blvd" sign on Interstate 277 in Charlotte. It's in the process of being replaced. The second "d" and "n" were erroneously reversed.

And earlier this month, a road crew in Greensboro misspelled "SCHOOL" in a road crossing sign in front of Southern Guilford High School. The "C" and "H" were misplaced, but the sign was quickly repaved, though not until it made national news.

Some might blame North Carolina's under-performing public schools for producing students who grow up to get jobs and can't spell very well. Personally, I prefer to blame all the texting and tweeting that has caused spelling to take a backseat in communication. But in all seriousness, spelling mistakes are inevitable--and, in the words of Sarah Palin, that's something you can't refudiate.


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