Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest comedians going right now, and yesterday his movie Laugh At My Pain opened exclusively at AMC theaters nationwide. It's a step up from his straight-to-DVD films, which have been part of the reason he's become a comedy household name--most friends of mine have at least one Kevin Hart stand-up on DVD. He's also come a long way from the movie that first brought him to my attention, 2004's Soul Plane. Not only was he the central character in Soul Plane, but the movie was so widely panned by critics and fans that it could've ended his career. Now, it's just one more funny notch under his Laugh At My Pain mantra (and it's coincidental that last night I happened to watch The Boondocks episode where they spoofed a fictional release of Soul Plane 2).

Also last night, I saw people posting on Facebook and Twitter how funny Kevin's new movie is, which means he'll probably be laughing all the way to the bank. This is on top of his successful comedy tour (that grossed $15 million in ticket sales) of which the movie is based. On day two of his movie opening, he could've been anywhere in the country and he chose to come to Charlotte. At about noon today, he posted on Twitter: "ATTN Charlotte NC: Im n ur city, im giving away 100 tickets 2 the 1pm showing of Laugh at My Pain to the 1st 100 people to meet me there..." The theater of choice was AMC Carolina Pavilion on South Boulevard. I'm assuming he only announced this one hour in advance to keep the crowd from getting out of control.

Once he arrived to the theater, he doubled his offer, saying that he bought 200 tickets. See the Twitpic below.

In addition to the AMC Carolina Pavilion, you can see Laugh At My Pain locally at AMC Northlake (at Northlake Mall) and AMC Concord Mills (at Concord Mills Mall). Click here to search for showtimes at AMC theaters in your area.


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