Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CIAA Week is underway in Charlotte and if you've been checking for parties on the Googles over the last few weeks, you've likely come across the list I've compiled again this year for Charlotte magazine's website. I updated it today and there are now more than 150 parties and events listed, all taking place between now and Sunday, March 4. In addition to the parties list (organized by day), I also give you the dos and don'ts of partying (a must-read); a list of all the celebrity names I came across on party flyers and event info that are scheduled to be here (including Chris Brown, Common, Diddy, Fabolous, Floyd Mayweather, Idris Elba, Maxwell, Nas, R. Kelly, Rick Ross, T.I., and dozens more--and just announced today First Lady Michelle Obama is bringing her Let's Move! campaign); the CIAA Tournament pairings, if you actually plan on attending a basketball game (you should); and much more. We'll also add photos from some of these events, taken by Jon Strayhorn of Media Arts Collective.

You can find it all here: charlottemagazine.com/ciaa.


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