Sunday, February 5, 2012


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My apologies for not blogging here on Grown People Talking last week. It was an extremely busy week for me--professionally and personally. I didn't completely leave you hanging in the blogosphere, though, since I managed to post a couple of times each on my other two blogs: Dusk Till Dawn (Charlotte nightlife) and The DNC In The CLT (2012 Democratic National Convention).

I plan to get back to blogging on GPT this week, but through all of the ripping and running I do, it's important that I pause from time to time. So I'd like to remind you to do that as well. And when you pause, perhaps you'll reflect on something or someone in your life, see a different perspective, or gain a new appreciation.

Within a week's time, two people I know who are close to my age passed away. The first was Megan Zachary, 30, a student advocate for A Child's Place here in Charlotte, whom I got to know through the mentoring program I volunteer in. The second was my cousin and friend Chris Young, 33, from my hometown, Rembert, SC. He'd had a heart transplant a few years ago and dealt with complications ever since.

Both of them were very positive people and pleasures to be around. Both of them loved children--Megan, the ones she worked with; Chris, his own. Their short-lived lives is a reminder to me on how precious our time is and that we should make the most of what we have. But that doesn't mean allowing yourself to be consumed with so many things that you don't actually get to enjoy what you have.

So, pause.


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