Monday, October 1, 2012

7-Election 2012 Is Underway

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Several convenience stores in the Charlotte area recently converted to 7-Eleven franchises. There's one about a mile from my house that made the switch in July, and since then I've frequented it for the cappuccino and occasional snack. I stopped by there today and saw that the front windows were plastered with signs promoting “7-Election.” 

I visited just now, where you can find details on the promotion. "Ask not what 7-Eleven can do for you—ask what 7-Eleven can brew for you," reads the tagline. In the 7-Eleven stores you can purchase coffee in either a blue Obama cup, representing President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, or a red Romney cup for presidential challenger Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. By choosing one of the cups, you're "casting your ballot" in the unscientific poll. Every four years, 7-Eleven unveils custom coffee cups for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees and tracks customers' votes through purchases. The convenience store chain says it has correctly predicted the presidential election for the past three election cycles: 2000, 2004, and 2008. 

According to the website, Obama is currently leading Romney 60% to 40% in 7-Election 2012. You can also see how the results breakdown state by state. Voting in this election runs until the real Election Day, which is November 6.


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