Friday, October 12, 2012

Can't Knock the Hustle—Man

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Before Tracy Morgan became the huge comedian and TV star he is today, he first came onto our radar in the 1990s as Hustle Man on Martin. Well, this morning, I met a real-life Hustle Man. I stopped at a gas station and saw a minivan flanked by more than a dozen different sports flags and several President Obama posters. I just had to go over and meet whomever was driving this peculiar vehicle.

The Hustle Man goes by the name of D.C., and I'm assuming that's why he was donning a Washington Redskins hat. He opened up his van and showed a variety of things he has for sale. In addition to the sports flags for several NFL and college football teams, he also has tote bags, hubcaps, and calendars and books by several African-American politicians and other public figures. D.C. is definitely a showman, and was happy to pose for my camera phone pics. And curiously enough, he says he's the assistant director of King's Funeral Home on Beatties Ford Road. He said for you all to come see him—to buy merchandise; I hope you won't be in need of funeral services anytime soon.


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