Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Duke Blue Devils lost to the Louisville Cardinals this evening, thus concluding a great era in college sports: the end of Sonya Curry rooting for her sons at NCAA basketball games.

More than four years ago, I wrote a fairly simple blog post here on Grown People Talking, titled "Two Things I Realized About Sonya Curry." In that February 2009 post, I was pointing out how Mrs. Curry was a favorite for TV sports crews to give camera time to while in the stands at her son Stephen Curry's Davidson College basketball games. Stephen entered the NBA Draft later that year and has since embarked on a stellar career with the Golden State Warriors.

Meanwhile, the next Curry son, Seth, who back in 2009 was a dazzling freshman at Liberty University, would eventually transfer to Duke. After he sat out the mandatory season as required when athletes transfer colleges, he began making an impact with the Blue Devils, particularly the last two seasons and especially this season.

So for much of the last five years--since Stephen's sophomore season (2007-08) when he became a national sensation, through Seth's senior season this year, we've gotten to see frequent glimpses of the First Lady of Charlotte's most admirable sports family during nationally televised games. Sadly, that ended this evening, with this being Seth's final college game and no more Curry sons behind him to play college hoops.

This gif of a screenshot of Sonya Curry in the stands during an ESPN-televised Duke game last month quickly went viral. Credit:

That blog post I wrote about Mrs. Curry back in 2009 is the third-most-viewed Grown People Talking blog post of all-time. It's regularly among the most-visited posts month after month, especially during the college basketball season, with major spikes over the years during days when one of the Curry boys played televised games. Tens of thousands of people have made their way to my blog simply because they Googled Sonya Curry.


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