Thursday, March 27, 2014

I stay away from blogging about ratchetness, and I don't think this is too ratchet, but I'm posting it because it involves a Charlotte woman. It also shows the perils of this everybody-wants-to-be-famous, social-media-fueled culture we're living in. The young lady who's receiving 15 minutes of fame is named Tina (whom I happen to sort of know, which is how I know she's a Charlottean). Rapper 2 Chainz was backstage at his concert in Charlotte when he discovered Tina had made her way back there among his entourage and friends. With a video camera rolling, 2 Chainz goes on a mission to find out who Tina is and who she's come to see, and he asks the question: "Is This Yo Thot?" For those of you unfamiliar, thot, or T.H.O.T., is one of the latest (disrespectful) hip hop slang terms and it stands for "that hoe over there."

2 Chainz performed in concert last Thursday at The Fillmore Charlotte, but his team just posted this footage on YouTube yesterday, and he shared it on Twitter then too. Subsequently, the #IsThisYoThot hashtag is blowing up (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). 

In the three-minute video, as 2 Chainz proceeds to ask Tina to leave, he also informs her that "while you're back here, you're in a blog territory." To which Tina replies, "Oh sh#t, this is going on a blog for real?" But rather than let that embarrass her, the young socialite and social media darling (she posts photos of herself with celebrities quite often) takes the opportunity to tell potential viewers to follow her on Instagram @iluvtinaa.

Keep your head up, Tina. Credit: Tina's Instagram

The video has also made its way onto WorldStarHipHop, where it is quickly approaching (and will surpass) one million views.


  1. Oh WOW! I don't know what to say about this one...

  2. Not a good week for the Queen City....

  3. all i need to say is the world is full of assholes.. staged video.. u can see in her pics on ig and her twitter that she in the circle.. maybe not their circle but the entertainment world some type of way period. got pics wit celebs n e way.. publicity stunt at its finest

  4. Let's see...Pat Cannon, Certus Bank, Captain Munnerlyn @ Onyx, and this chick. What's going on with Black folks in CLT these days? I expect more to come about Pat's ties to Pastor Claude and Ms. Digital Diva coming soon....SMH.


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