Friday, March 14, 2014

In addition to the blog post I wrote, I went on a little bit of a rant these last couple of days on Twitter and Facebook and in person to my friends about how the Carolina Panthers mistreated their best player ever: Steve Smith.

After No. 89 was officially released from the Panthers Thursday, a group of fans protested outside of Bank of America Stadium. Credit: @GoCarolinas

A lot of us lifelong Panthers fans are angry and, actually, we probably feel more like young Gavin here. But I'm guessing Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman wants us to have the same outlook as little Sophia, Gavin's sister (that we should be happy because we have young stars in Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly). Watch the video below.

Meanwhile, Charlotte radio station Channel 96.1 FM put together a great tribute to Steve yesterday, blending Aloe Blacc's "The Man" with audio clips from some of No. 89's game highlights and press soundbites. It's very fitting because Steve Smith is The Man; it's just that now he'll be the man for some other team.

This morning, Mr. Ice Up Son tweeted that he teared up from the tribute.

But don't think for a minute that Smitty is softening up. He's still one of the toughest, most fearless wide receivers to ever play the game, which we witnessed for 13 years on and off the field. And as he reminded us yesterday when he called into Charlotte's WFNZ "The Fan" 610 AM, and spoke about what the 2014 season will be like for him once he lands with a new team and if he ends up playing against the Panthers:

“They’re going to get the best, in-shape 35-year old guy that they can get. And if that happens to run through Bank of America Stadium, put your goggles on because there is going to be blood and guts everywhere.”

The. Man.


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