Monday, June 23, 2014

It's time to go on the hunt for celebrity sightings again. A new movie, titled Ashby, began filming in Charlotte last week, packing some star power, with Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts, and Sarah Silverman among the cast. Mickey and Sarah are industry veterans, of course (he's in the long-awaited sequel to Sin City, due out in August; she's one of the funniest--and one of my favorite--comedians of the last 15 years; her We Are Miracles HBO stand-up special last year was awesome). And Nat and Emma are two of Hollywood's hottest young actors (he co-stars in The Fault In Our Stars, which opened a couple of weeks ago to rave reviews and a No. 1 gross at the box office ($48 million opening weekend); you probably know Emma from her early days on Nickelodeon and a handful of movie roles she's had since, before co-starring in last year's blockbuster comedy We're the Millers).

Nat Wolff shared this photo Friday from the set of Ashby. Credit:

Not many details have been published about Ashby, but it's described as a comedy-drama that follows the paths of a high school student (Nat) and a retired CIA assassin (Mickey) who only has months to live. It's being directed by Tony McNamara.

Emma's character, Eloise, looks very wholesome, and even a little Southern, based on the photo she tweeted yesterday.

Nat tweeted a photo from the set a few days ago as well, which I believe is from the practice field of a Charlotte high school.

And as usual for movies and TV shows that film in Charlotte (Homeland will always be in our hearts), Ashby is casting locally for extras. Tona B. Dahlquist Casting is handling the calls for extras, which you can find listed on the company's Facebook page (you'll also find calls for Charlotte extras for Cinemax's TV series Banshee and an MGM family movie called Max).

Ashby is scheduled to film in Charlotte for about five weeks, and will hit movie theaters some time in 2015. You can check for updates on its IMDB page.

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