Sunday, October 19, 2008

Candid Shots From Panthers Sidelines

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I was on the sidelines of today's Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints game. I'm working on a magazine article so I was there to interview a few people before the game. Then I hung around a little longer. Here's what I saw.

Reggie Bush running into the locker room after pre-game warm-ups. I overheard a fan yelling, "I saw your girlfriend's sex tape!"

Miss North Carolina Amanda Watson singing the national anthem. After her pageant days are over, she could have a career as a singer. And maybe a future as a vice presidential candidate.

Retired Panther Mike Rucker and his family reminding fans to behave during the game. You could smell the beer in the air.

The Top Cats.

Man Law.

This reminds me that just because I have a camera doesn't mean I'm a photographer.


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