Monday, October 13, 2008

I Don't Care If McCain Comes Saturday

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 10/13/2008 No comments
It's being reported that John McCain may appear in Charlotte this weekend. The source is the chairman of N.C. Citizens for McCain, but McCain's campaign hasn't confirmed it.

I think presidential campaign rallies at this point are useless. Just like I thought it was useless when Barack Obama came to Charlotte last month. The only people who are going to these rallies are the supporters of the candidates, so what are the candidates gaining? How does seeing your speech and rhetoric in person solve any more problems than seeing it on TV as we do daily? Plus, I'm convinced there aren't any "undecided voters" this late in the game. Anyone who says he or she is an undecided voter is either lying or hasn't been paying attention for the past six months.

But if McCain does indeed come to Charlotte, he'll attract thousands of supporters, just as 30,000 came to see Obama last month. I wish the two candidates would find something more productive and effective to do during these final three weeks leading up to the election. Forgive me but I have campaign fatigue. Perhaps it's because I watch too much cable news, but I don't care to hear another speech from either one of these guys. And I'm voting for one of them next month. I just hope the winner makes good on all of these promises they've been making during the campaign. And I hope at some point the voters understand that they need to stop acting like fans and remember to hold their elected officials accountable.


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