Monday, November 10, 2008

Bootlegging Obama

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 11/10/2008 1 comment
I was watching D.L. Hughley's funny new show, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News, last night. It airs on CNN and is basically a ripoff of HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, which is one of my favorite shows. In a segment where he was covering election night parties, Hughley said something that I've said several times myself: Barack Obama is the most bootlegged man in America. Hughley said that after seeing several people wearing T-shirts with Obama's face on them.

T-shirt makers are getting rich off of Obama right now. Over the summer and into the fall, I went to several events and festivals where people would be hocking Obama memorabilia. And it's gone way beyond T-shirts. I've seen hats, pajamas (called Ojamas), calendars, purses, and one of the most impressive has been the sneakers with Obama's face airbrushed on the side. Simply put, our president-elect is a rock star. I haven't seen a black man on this many clothing items since Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley. This is a direct correlation to how Obama has inspired millions of young people. Young people create the trends and when they're excited about something, they want to express it.

The Charlotte Observer is getting in on it, too. Last Wednesday, the newspaper posted a video on its website that showed lines of people coming to their office to buy the "historic paper" that featured the future first family on the front page. The paper was selling out all over town--so much so that they had to restart the presses. One lady bought sixty copies. Well, the Observer has taken that excitement (and revenue idea) and is now selling T-shirts with that front-page image. I saw this ad on their website today.

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