Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Not to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

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Bizarre details emerged Monday in a robbery and kidnapping trial when UNC-Chapel Hill football players testified about how they were victimized last December. Three UNC players got together to celebrate one of the players' 21st birthday. They admitted to drinking a lot that day and night, but you won't believe what they say happened to them.

Here are a few selected paragraphs from the article in The News & Observer (Raleigh) that will have you going WTF?

  • The three linemen, by their count, downed dozens of beers before leaving the Chapel Ridge Apartments in northern Chapel Hill shortly before midnight to continue the party downtown.
  • First, the players, who all approach 300 pounds, went to Top of the Hill, a restaurant and bar, for at least one beer each and liquor shots.
  • An hour later, according to their testimony, they went to the East End Martini Bar, where one player drifted away from the other two. That player met two women in the bar and persuaded them and a male friend of theirs to give him a ride home. The player testified that he blacked out during the ride.
  • When he regained consciousness, he said, he was in a chair in his room with his arms bound and one of the women straddling him.
  • The other player went down the hall to look for the teammate who preceded them. What he found was Lewis, naked, standing outside a bedroom with a kitchen paring knife in his hand.
  • Police found two of the Tar Heel football players in their boxer shorts, bound with belts, shoelaces and sound system wires shortly before 4 a.m. on Dec. 17.
Click here to read the full account of what happened.


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