Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Karma for Bynum, Home for Wallace

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After watching SportsCenter report throughout the day on Kobe Bryant's 61 point lashing of the New York Knicks, in which some analysts say Bryant was sending a message to those who were saying the Lakers' season is virtually over now that Andrew Bynum will miss two to three months due to a knee injury, something occurred to me. Bynum tore ligaments in his knee, which is a serious sports injury, less than a week (four days, actually) after he committed a dirty foul by elbowing Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace, which left Wallace with a broken rib and collapsed lung. Wallace had been in Los Angeles for the past week recuperating. And since doctors said he can't fly because of their concerns of how his lungs would respond to the reduced air pressure on a plane, he chartered a bus today to make the 2,400-mile trip back to Charlotte.

Basketball isn't a contact sport like football, but it's still physical. And part of me feels like it was karma coming back on Bynum when he sustained his injury this week. The videos below are from the injury Bynum caused and the one he sustained. If you look closely, you'll see Bynum rolling on the floor, grimacing in pain almost identical to how Wallace was.


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