Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Michael Jordan Still Matters

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Charlotteans may continue to have a love/hate relationship with Michael Jordan, Charlotte Bobcats part-owner and managing member of basketball operations, but to the rest of the world he's still MJ. His Airness ranks fourth on the quarterly Davie Brown Index's (DBI) list of Highest Regarded Celebrities, released today.

Here's how the top ten rounds out:

1. Barack Obama
2. Tom Hanks
3. Will Smith
4. Michael Jordan
5. Morgan Freeman
6. George Clooney
7. Denzel Washington
8. Michelle Obama
9. Oprah Winfrey
10. Tiger Woods

The DBI, which comes out four times a year and lists more than 1,500 celebrities, is used by brand marketers and advertising agencies to determine a celebrity's ability to influence consumer brand choice and affect purchasing decisions. I guess Jordan ranks so highly because of the continued success of his sneakers (It's gotta be the shoes). Speaking of, there's a very cool Jumpman 23 billboard hanging inside Time Warner Cable Arena. I saw it a few days ago while on Trade Street. As I've said before, if the Bobcats want to increase ticket sales they should start raffling off Air Jordans at home games.


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