Sunday, September 27, 2009

Charlotte's Connection to the iPhone

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Apparently lots of people have been complaining about their iPhones dropping calls. In fact, some say the iPhone is a great computer but a lousy phone. But there appears to be help on the way.

A few days ago, AT&T introduced the 3G MicroCell and they rolled it out first in Charlotte as part of a public trial. The 3G MicroCell is designed to boost the voice and data signal in your home by using your home broadband network. It's a mini-cell tower that looks like a modem and is supposed to give a better signal within a 5,000-square foot area. Sprint and Verizon have launched similar products, known as femtocells, but this is said to be the first to work with 3G. Tomorrow AT&T is making Raleigh its second test market in the nation to use the 3G MicroCell.

The 3G MicroCell will be compatible with all 3G AT&T phones, but the iPhone is viewed as the largest reason why AT&T has created this new initiative. I imagine the company is willing to do whatever it can to keep Apple customers happy, considering the iPhone has been the primary reason AT&T has been adding millions of new mobile phone customers over the past couple of years. Although I don't have an iPhone, I have a pretty cool touchscreen phone that I got about five months ago when I switched to AT&T from Sprint. I have actually noticed that I tend to get more dropped calls with AT&T.

Click here to read more about the 3G MicroCell.


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