Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is This a Playoff Team?

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 9/29/2009 1 comment
This appears to be the starting five for the Charlotte Bobcats as the 2009-10 season nears. Do you think this squad can lead the team to the playoffs? Remember, in the Eastern Conference a .500 record pretty much guarantees you a playoff spot. Or do you think the Bobcats, who are coming off their best season ever, will finish below .500 for the sixth straight season?

From left to right: Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, Raymond Felton, Gerald Wallace, and Tyson Chandler. Photo taken during Bobcats Media Day on Monday.

Also, in other Bobcats news, the team has unveiled new jerseys. Below is the new design for both home and away games. In a statement, the team describes it as: "Reflecting both the tradition of basketball in the Carolinas and the maturation of the NBA's youngest franchise, this new look represents the next step in the Bobcats' evolution, while paying homage to the players and teams that have come before it."

The Bobcats' training camp started today and runs through October 5, followed by their first preseason game October 6, in which they visit the Cleveland Cavaliers. Visit www.bobcats.com for more on the team.

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  1. When I look at the Eastern Conference standings from the end of last season, the only team I can see the Bobcats beating out for the playoffs is the Pistons, who finished in the eighth spot. I can see the top seven teams making it again and probably finishing in the same order except for maybe the Heat placing higher. So basically, the Bobcats will need to focus all season on getting the eighth playoff spot in the East. I give them a 40 percent chance. I like their new jerseys though. I'd rock either one of them with some crispy jean shorts and Air Force Ones in the park in the summertime. I'll buy one once Larry Brown trades one of these starters and that player's jersey goes on clearance for 50% off. You know LB is going to make a trade--he did great bringing in Bell and Diaw during the season last year and I know he's not done tweaking. Y'all might not want to hear it, but I think he's going to trade Gerald Wallace for a power forward.


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