Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Things Sarah Palin Said to Billy Graham

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 11/23/2009 1 comment
Sarah Palin made a stop in Montreat yesterday to have dinner with the Rev. Billy Graham and his son, Franklin Graham. Franklin invited Palin when he realized she would be in the area. She's visiting Fort Bragg in Fayetteville today during a stop on her book signing tour for Going Rogue.

An article on today describes the two-and-a-half hour meeting between Palin and the Grahams, which included dinner with several of Palin's family members. Numerous media outlets are reporting on the meeting, and of course the blogosphere is adding its two cents. No commentary would be complete without mentioning that Billy Graham has counseled and/or befriended every U.S. president in recent memory--President Obama called him earlier this month and the two plan to meet in the near future. So the buzz is on whether Palin's visit to the home of the 91-year-old Charlotte-born evangelist is her checking off another prerequisite toward a 2012 run for presidency.

I say nah, don't read that much into it. It made perfect sense for the two to meet yesterday, with Palin being so close by. But the reasons for meeting aside, what I would like to offer here is my (fictional) account of "Ten Things Sarah Palin Said to Billy Graham" during their meeting.

  • Can I call you Billy?

  • Don't worry; they said John McCain was too old also.

  • No, I'm not the governor anymore.

  • I'm signing books at Fort Bragg because we should support our troops.

  • Are you on Facebook?

  • I love it here in the lower 48.

  • Also, too.

  • How come it's called North Carolina when this is the South?

  • What was Ronald Reagan like in person?

  • Yes, I pray every night. I pray that God helps us take back our country.

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  1. Cool list! Here's #11: No matter what, don't do any interviews with Katie Couric.


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