Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ric Flair Makes Losing Your Money Fun

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I saw this commercial for the first time last night. But apparently the Ric Flair-endorsed "Wooooooo!" instant scratch-off tickets have been offered by the North Carolina Education Lottery for a couple of months now. A ticket costs $5 and the top prize is $100,000. Whoever came up with the idea to make Flair the lottery's new pitchman and to give him his own lotto ticket should be applauded. Flair has the kind of energy that will keep people excited about buying lottery tickets, even though most of them are throwing their money away.

I only play the lottery about once a year, when the Power Ball reaches some ridiculous amount. Other than that, I don't really keep up with it, which is probably why I'm late to the party about Flair's new involvement. Click here for more info on the Wooooooo! instant scratch-off. See a video of the commercial below.

In other Ric Flair news, he got married a couple of weeks ago in Charlotte. It's his fourth marriage. The 60-year-old wrestler is currently on the Hulkamania tour.


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