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Charlotte's Kendra James Is a 'Bad Girl'

Posted by Jarvis Holliday On 12/02/2009 7 comments
UPDATE: "Kendra James Isn't So 'Bad'"

Season four of the Bad Girls Club premiered last night on Oxygen. It appears that it's going to be another hot mess, and the train that's bound to wreck is carrying a young lady from Charlotte, Kendra James.

Kendra doesn't seem to be the worst of the pack--so far that trophy goes to Natalie--but because she made the show, I'm sure she's going to show some ugly sides this season. I can't understand why a person would go on a "reality" show that has the sole purpose of putting together a group of hot-tempered, egotistical women with bad attitudes, keep them liquored up and watch them try to fight.

But we have someone on there representing Charlotte. Hopefully she does us proud!

Click here for Kendra's bio on the Bad Girls Club's website (where it's revealed that she has a twin sister who is supposedly the opposite of her). You'll also want to read her Q&A, which pretty much only asks her questions about sex.

If you missed last night's premiere, you can watch it when it re-airs tonight at 8 p.m. New episodes premiere Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


  1. as someone who's known ms. james since she went by ms. jones, i don't know if i appreciate the tone of this blog, sir. you're entitled to your opinion about reality shows, but don't judge this cast member until you've met her. sure, she's got her faults (most human's have a few) but she's a sweetheart really. and she's got her head on as much as a 22 y-o gal can in this world. just saying, don't judge lest ye be judged...

  2. ps, yeah, her sis is the yang to her yin, or yin to her yang or whatever...

  3. @Dark, Ms. Kendra put herself out there to be judged the minute she thought it to be a good idea to go on national television galavanting the streets of LA drunk and acting a fool. I'm quite sure that this 22 year old with her "head on straight", as you said, knew what she was opening herself up to. She should have known from the past 3 seasons, if nothing else, that the show was not set up to make the ladies look good. You say that she is a sweet young lady, but that is because you know her. To those of us who don't, she put out exactly what she wanted us to think of her. It is in my opinion that this young lady needs some guidance in her life, as she appears to be no more than a follower and a puppet of Natalie. She appears to be desperate for any kind of attention, be it positive or negative, and she also appears to not have any discretion about whom she beds down at night. not judging, "just saying".....

  4. kendra is not a bad girl. i think that is all a front because if she was all sweet and innocent then y would she be a "bad girl"? i think she did the show cuz she wanted to be seen. plus she is an AKA, which is a well known national organization and you have to present yourself in a graceful manner because there are little girls out there who may want to join when they get into college. she cute and all but she cant fight and she was getting tossed around and used by natalie who is also a faker cuz she dont run LA, the gangs run LA!! nuff said...

  5. she already said before that she was bad, cuz of her sexual past.. and so what people make mistakes, everything from not paying bills on time, to fighting drunk!, or hanging with the wrong people. i think shes an amazing person at heart. you juss hafto look beyond the media..

  6. Ms. J - I honestly think Kendra is a chicken head. I think she is very pretty and yes may have graduated college but it all reality she is a chicken head. Just because someone is very good at pretending to be a certain way doesn't make them a good person. I honestly thing she's doing what she's supposed to be doing at 22, not settling down, going to school, hanging out, wearing revealing clothes, etc. That's fine. But her personality "on tv" is so extra phony. She needs to eat something and needs to stop pretending as if she has some type of class and actually have some. I'm sure that wouldn't be fun to watch but if you had some type of personality beyond your physical attraction it wouldn't be hard to hold someone's attention. She can't stand to be by herself for too long because kendra can't even entertain kendra. Kendra can't grasp the concept that a relationship can reach higher levels beyond money, compliments, trips, looks... It's a shame because I see this girl in someone very close to me and it makes me sick. So don't think this is all about her. I'm going in on that generation. You don't know or love yourself no matter how satisfied you are with your looks, knowing yourself goes so much deeper than that. Loving yourself is more than doing your hair and mani-pedi's and making sure your appearance is straight. Loving yourself is more than giving yourself a pep talk once in a while. When you don't need that attention. When you don't need validation. (And don't mistake that for acting vain) When you don't need to be the center of attention. When you can humble yourself and say no I'm not perfect, no I'm not the most beautiful, and no I'm not the best, but I love everything about me. I accept that the world does not revolve around me and that there is much more to life than this and no I don't need to settle down and make babies to find out. I need to evolve as a person to reach that higher level mentally and emotionally before The Mr. Right will match me. Before I do walk down the isle. Before I bring a life into this world. Yes I'll party and keep my true friends and make new ones. Yes I'll always remember where I came from and where my mother came from, and where her mother came from and realize that they enriched my life so I will not toy with that by doing simply stupid things. In general I think she's a smart girl that presents herself like a chicken head and it's annoying. You're not bad or a real ass chick. You're so confused honey. You can jump in someones face if you want to not everyone will back down or let you have it. You can scratch like a cat to your girlfriends if you like but without them you will lose solid ground. Those stupid ass emails people keep forwarding aren't so stupid. Your girlfriends will be your support group, your family and your psychologist, your home. So keep playing around if you like but honestly you can do better. Not you can find a better man, or make more money. You can do better but it seems you are doing worse. You only get one chance to get it right then you have to leave the earth as god says. So don't wast precious time looking like an airhead on television. I don't want to see that. I don't want my 15 year old cousin thinking that's cool because your pretty and that's how some young girls think. As do you. Well I'm done. Cut the crap. Cut the weave and but a texturizer in, eat some food and stop being so shallow. =)


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