Friday, December 4, 2009

Help Bi-Lo Find a SpokesMILF

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Bi-Lo is holding a casting call for a "Spokesmom" in the North Carolina/South Carolina area to be the face and voice of its advertising. The grocery store chain is seeking a lady who is "a great mom, able to juggle finances, busy schedules and meals; has a fun, outgoing personality; and would enjoy sharing her family life with shoppers."

It's a paying gig that might be just right for that former model who gave up a life of photoshoots and runways to settle down with a family. Or that attractive, do-it-all, Rachel Ray-esque mom you know of in your neighborhood--maybe she's even your wife.

I think Bi-Lo should've been a little more direct in what it's looking for. Put a call out there for a SpokesMILF! Now that'll get shoppers' attention and help the chain increase its market share on the Harris Teeters, Food Lions, and Publixs.

Bi-Lo gave me my first job, near my small hometown in SC. They hired me as a bagger and I soon worked my way up to cashier (I've always been a ladder climber, you see). I actually got hired at the age of 15, even though I fudged on the application that I was 16 (my birthday was five months away). I was in the 10th grade and because I now had a job, my parents allowed me to get my driver's license. Those were the young and carefree days.

I still have a sense of loyalty to Bi-Lo, which is why I was happy that the neighborhood I moved to a couple of years ago has one nearby. So pass on the word that my favorite grocery store is looking for a SpokesMILF!

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